How To Fly By Private Jet

How To Fly By Private Jet

Flying by private jet is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. You may choose private aviation because you have a special meeting you must attend. You might take your family on vacation in a private jet once a year, or you might fly via charter jet throughout the year because you have so many clients to visit. You have several options at your disposal when you would like to use a private jet, and these tips will help you make the right choice.

How Much Do You Fly?

You should judge your charter flight needs by how often you fly. You will receive frequent flyer miles when you use commercial airlines, but you will pay by the hour when you are working with a charter company. If you fly 20 hours or less in a year, you can schedule your charter flights without buying a membership. If you fly more than that, you need to consider other, more cost-effective options.

Can You Buy A Membership With A Charter Carrier?

You can buy a membership with a charter carrier if you think you will fly somewhere between 20 and 200 hours a year. The membership gives you access to the carrier, and you can schedule flights quickly. Your membership pays for most of your air travel, and you only pay extra when you need to schedule special flights that are not considered “typical business travel”.

The membership you get comes with a card that you will use to sign in and schedule your flights. The charter company will get to know you, and you can easily schedule as many flights as you need during the year. Even though you have not bought a stake in a plane, you may also ask if your favorite pilots or crews are working these flights.

When you think you will fly more than 200 hours a year, you should consider buying a stake in an airplane so that you can travel more frequently.

Why Would You Buy A Stake In An Airplane?

When you buy a stake in a plane, you are buying into fractional ownership. In these cases, you are buying an eighth or a fourth of a plane. As you pay more, you will have more access to the plane. You can request a particular crew, and you can fly around the world on your schedule. Fractional ownership allows you to fill the plane as much as you want, and you can invest more money in the plane if you are flying more during the year.

If you are flying up 400 hours a year, you may feel that fractional ownership is worth your time. You can mix business and personal travel with the charter company, and you can work with the charter company to open up new routes around the world. For example, you may ask for a specific plane that will make a nonstop flight across the globe.

Should You Buy A Charter Jet?

You may want to consider buying a charter jet when you fly more than 400 hours a year. If your company travels consistently to meet with clients and do business, you should consider buying a jet through a charter company. When you work with the charter company, they will brand your jet for you. They give you instant access to this jet throughout the year, and you can lease the jet to others if you are not flying. You have total control over the plane, and you will even make a little money back because you own the plane.

While you can brand a plane, you should also consider how that looks when you are working with clients. You can pick up clients in a branded jet, or they can drop you off on the tarmac so that you can board your personal jet. This is a nice touch that will help close a few business deals.

What Is The Best Option For You?

You should choose a charter jet plan that works best for your personal needs. If you rarely fly, you can schedule on-demand flights through your favorite charter carriers. You are not locked into one carrier, and you can choose the best rates. If you buy memberships with a few charter carriers, you can fly whenever you want. You may also take the next step by purchasing fractional ownership in a plane or buying the plane outright.


Air travel is made much simpler when you fly by private jet. You can look around for the company that you think will work best for you, and you can even buy into a plane if you truly like working with that company. You never need to get on a commercial airliner again, and you can travel in style to any destination for business or pleasure.

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