Keeping Luxury Transportation Safe and Clean For Clients

Keeping Luxury Transportation Safe and Clean For Clients

These are challenging times, especially for companies that provide limousine service for special events, point to point transfers, and corporate travel. Travelers have a lot of concerns about the coronavirus affecting their travel plans. We would like to let our clients know, “It’s safe to travel with us. We’ve got this.”

We are taking extra steps to ensure that the limos in our fleet are adequately cleaned, disinfected, and safe for passengers when they’re picked up. Here’s what you need to know about safe transportation cleaning procedures, both that we employ, and that you can use at home.

The Importance of Rigorous Cleaning

Luxury car and limousine transportation has a much lower turnaround of clients than other transportation services. However, if someone has tested positive or is a carrier and gets into any shared vehicle, it can still have serious consequences. Keeping a fleet of vehicles free from viruses is time-consuming but essential. It’s vital to clean all surfaces thoroughly to ensure everyone stays healthy.

Best Ways To Clean Vehicle Interiors

It’s essential for the safety of the drivers and passengers to make sure that the interior of the vehicles is clean and free from viruses and harmful bacteria. A virus-free environment is especially important when a fleet of limos is being utilized by multiple people each week.

Consumer industry experts agree that the most effective way to keep the interior of a vehicle clean is with good, old-fashioned soap, a known virus killer, and water. Soap is manufactured with chemicals that degrade and virtually destroy viruses on contact. Liquid hand or household soaps are excellent. Just make sure they contain detergent.

Automative cleaning products like those designed to clean leather, work well to destroy viruses. Some of these products contain detergent and are the ones that should be used. Products that contain moisturizers and are detergent-based work well on leather interiors. Cleanliness is a priority, but scrubbing too hard can damage the coatings of the surfaces. We take care to thoroughly clean our vehicles, while also carefully maintaining their appearance.

Products That Should Be Avoided

If a car doesn’t have a genuine leather interior, it’s easy to keep disinfected. However, bleach or alcohol-based cleaners shouldn’t be used on imitation leather. Ammonia and bleach-based cleaning products should never be used on the interior of luxury vehicles.

Disinfectant wipes that don’t contain bleach are useful for wiping down surfaces. Alcohol-based wipes will dry out fine leather. After the interior of luxury vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, a leather conditioning product can restore hydration. After the cleaning process is finished, everything in the interior of the vehicle should be thoroughly wiped down to remove the residue from the cleaners.

We’re facing a situation that’s alien to all of us. We need to work together for everyone’s safety and security. By taking some simple, common-sense steps, we strive to provide our clients with a safe and pleasant travel experience.

Following these procedures help keep our luxury transportation interiors clean and safe for clients.